Who is Arthur the Arthritis Bear?

Arthur the Arthritis Bear is the Official cuddly and supportive mascot of Kids Arthritis.

Arthur has brought smiles and given cuddles for many years. He used to visit Sarah Hammond when she stayed in hospital for Juvenile Arthritis treatment. He would give the biggest softest cuddles and anyone who saw him just had to have one.

Arthur the Arthritis Bear now receives letters from children living with Arthritis everywhere in the worArthur the Arthritis Bear Kids Arthritisld.
They draw pictures and write letters expressing how their feelings about the Juvenile Arthritis they live with everyday.
This has been a great way for children all over the world to feel supported and less isolated knowing that someone does care about their feelings.

You can find and snap a selfie with Arthur the Arthritis Bear at all Kids Arthritis Australian First support groups and events wearing a comforting smile letting you know that it’s all going to be alright.

You can send Arthur a letter through the Contact Us page and you never know he might just send you one back.


Arthur the Arthritis Bear is the Official Mascot of Kids Arthritis.