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Many children currently experiencing Juvenile Arthritis, when they are not in hospital or at home, are at school.
Schooling is an important part of a child's life. This is where they create friendships and gain knowledge that they will have for the rest of their life. The unique experiences of schooling have an impact on them that shapes them for many years to come.

This is why Kids Arthritis believes that school needs to be a safe place for those children, along with their families and carers currently dealing with Juvenile Arthritis.

Many children throughout Australia currently go to school each day feeling like they aren't able to to share with those around them what they are going through. They don't feel safe enough to share in fear of bullying, isolation or being excluded because they are different to others. This has a mental and physical impact on the children and their families.

Kids Arthritis has created a way to solve this by teaming up with the child's school, and offering multiple programs to the school community. Following this are some examples of what our idea includes.

Whole School Interactive talks:
This involves speaking with the entire school to inform each student (and their teachers) about Juvenile Arthritis, and how to support someone they might meet at school or elsewhere. Kids Arthritis recognises that while the topics we discuss and teach in these whole school sessions may be difficult, they will be things that any one of the studens or teachers may be facing.

Small Group/Individual Talks:
These can be done in classrooms where a child/children may be affected by JIA, or for a special program during the year to help the class have a better understanding of what the other child/children may be going through.

Teacher Resources:
Kids Arthritis is currently working alongside families, children, teachers and the wider school community to put together an all in one document to help bridge the gap between everyone involved in a child's care at school. This document is available by contacting

Turn Your School Blue for Kids Arthritis:
We have seen this to be a fun and accepting way to create awareness and grow support for children, their families and carers living with Juvenile Arthritis. Schools usually have a casual day during the school year where the school community is encouraged to wear casual clothes and bring a donation to support a local cause. We are using this same principle and encouraging the school community to wear blue, and bring a small donation for Kids Arthritis. This kind of thing is a great opportunity for Kids Arthritis volunteers to come to the school and share in the ways mentioned above.