School Ready

Starting school or preschool for the first time is hard, especially if your child lives with Juvenile Arthritis. Below we have complied with the help of Sarah and Magic Marj some tips to making starting school an easier process12767705_1133939886616640_936922377_n.

  • Make time before the school year begins to speak with any main teachers the child is likely to come in contact with.
  • Create a About Me Folder and fill it with information regarding your child’s Juvenile Arthritis. Add a Kids Arthritis JIA Information sheet in there for a clear understanding of what Juvenile Arthritis is. List of medications, emergency medical contacts and family members who can come if there’s an issue.
  • Meet with the teachers regularly to inform them of any changes in your child’s JIA or any appointments and questions the teacher may have.
  • Organise a Kids Arthritis School Support Visit. Sarah and Magic Marj can speak a whole school assemblies, classrooms, teacher meetings or parent information nights to inform the school community about what JIA is and how to help someone who lives with it.