Sarah Speaks

Sarah Hammond Kids Arthritis
24 year old Founding Director & CEO of Kids Arthritis is speaking out about what it’s like living with the hidden disease, Juvenile Arthritis. She has lived with the painful and hidden disease since birth (learn more about Sarah here) Due to the lack of awareness there is surrounding Juvenile Arthritis she decided to change this and create Australia’s First organisation solely dedicated to supporting Children living with Arthritis, Kids Arthritis. This is was because she felt supported enough to share her life with Juvenile Arthritis and began her own speaking tour.

Sarah takes the audience on a journey. From first diagnoses, near-death experiences, dealing with blindness, living life in a wheelchair and dealing with the fact that the JIA is with her forever. She speaks all over the country speaking up for the 1 in 1000 children in Australia living with Arthritis so that they don’t need to live a life like hers.

Check out the Kids Arthritis Calendar for the next time you can be inspired by Sarah’s journey living with Juvenile Arthritis.