We are a group of Passionate Young people
who are telling the world about Juvenile Arthritis.

We have this Passion due to Sarah Hammond (Founding Director and CEO of Kids Arthritis) has experienced Juvenile Arthritis since birth until recently. It affected her in many ways through her joints, internal organs and permanent side effects from medication. The sad part is that Sarah is not the only one.  1 in 1000 children in Australia currently experience Arthritis and this is why we’re #Pranking4Charrity for Children just like Sarah.

We are #Pranking4Charity to not only support children all over the world currently experiencing Arthritis but to create awareness about what these children live with every day.


You can join us!

We want you to prank your mum, brother, auntie, grandpa, teachers, friends, just everyone, but you have to say one simple little thing once you’ve completed the prank.

“You’ve been Pranked for Kids Arthritis!”

Make sure you recorded it, then upload it online using the hashtag #Pranks4KidsArthritis to show the world you’re supporting Kids Arthritis.

Check us out on YouTube and Get Pranking!

#Pranks4KidsArthritis is one of the many Australian First support groups and events that Kids Arthritis Inc. is doing to support children currently experiencing Arthritis.