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Kids Arthritis Family Support Group
Kids Arthritis Family Support Group brings children and their families who live with Juvenile Arthritis together in a safe and supportive environment.KASupport  Kids Arthritis

This support group is the first of its kind in Australia. It brings otherwise isolated children and families together for a morning of fun, interaction & support they would not receive otherwise.

Children who live with Juvenile Arthritis often feel isolated and confused as their body may be dealing with something that it hasn’t had to before. Because of these problems they usually are unable to do the activities they once were able to do such as sport, running, climbing and other activities a normal child should be able to do with no problems. It is difficult under any circumstance, but particularly hard for a child understand and cope. This is why the support group is so important in the community. It really brings the children together to connect with others who are dealing with similar issues.

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Juvenile Arthritis Online Support Australia

We understand that life is busy and we know how busy it gets for a family who has a child living with Juvenile Arthritis. That’s why we began Juvenile Arthritis Support Australia.
We have created a safe and supportive online environment where carers, parents andchildren can safely share questions and join in discussions all relating to Juvenile Arthritis. It’s a place where there are no silly questions only supportive answers, from those with real life experiences.
#SupportMondays encourages the members to share ideas and ask questions that they may otherwise feel hesitation to do so. Questions in relation to medication, pain and simple tips to make their child who lives with Juvenile Arthritis life easier.

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Kids Arthritis School Support Kids Arthritis
This service is not offered anywhere else and is run solely by volunteers, Magic Marj and Sarah. They inspire and share first hand
experiences of what it’s like for a child living with Arthritis attending school. They share what to expect, some advice on how to support a child living with Arthritis during the good times and not so good times. Arthur the Arthritis Bear comes along as well as Magic Marj’s magic box with Mr Skeleton to inform and inspire what it’s really like living with a hidden disease.

They speak at teacher meetings, whole or half school assemblies, classrooms and even parent groups to that they can get a better understanding of Juvenile Arthritis.

You don’t need to have a child attending your school to access this program as it’s a vital community service for everyone to support the 1 in 1000 children in Australia living with Arthritis. This program currently receives no funding and is offered due to the continuing commitment and passion of volunteers to support children living with Arthritis.

If you want Magic Marj, Sarah and Arthur the Arthritis Bear to visit your school Contact Us

Sarah Speaks
JuvenileSarah Hammond  Kids Arthritis Arthritis Ambassador Australia and Kids Arthritis Founding Director & CEO Sarah Hammond travels around with Arthur the Arthritis Bear to inspire, encourage and create awareness about Juvenile Arthritis. She shares her own life experiences living with
the hidden disease and how beginning Kids Arthritis is supporting children living with Arthritis.

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