Work Ready

When beginning to search for a job it can be quiet overwhelming and difficult with everything you neshaking hands KAed to do. Writing a resume, cover letter and knowing what to say if you get an interview. There are many Disability Employment Support Services available that can help you usually free or charge create those documents and assist in being interview ready.

When applying for a job you have two options; To disclose that you live with Juvenile Arthritis or keep it a secret. When Sarah first went for jobs she would always disclose that she lived with Juvenile Arthritis and hoped that her skills and achievements would prove that she was no different.

GIMG_4811etting a job is a great achievement for anyone living with Juvenile
Arthritis as this creates a self importance and independence that they may have not been able to experience before.

Volunteering is a great and fun way to gain skills and build confidence that can be used on any resume. Some employers may look highly on this and you may even gain some formal qualifications as well.

If you’re ever unsure you can always speak to a Kids Arthritis Support Volunteer and they can answer any questions you may as Arthritis shouldn’t have to impact your work.