Informing Family

You finally received diagnoses, but how do you tell your family about this common but hidden diseasMagic Marj and Sarahe?

We asked Magic Marj for how she informed her family and friends of this life changing diagnoises.

  • Be open and honest. Inform your family and friends on what happened, how long it took and what happens next.
  • If a family member or friend is taking care of the child inform them of any routines, pain, swelling or stiffness that may be happening at the time. Give them a run down on what to do if anything Arthritis related is to happen and that they can contact you.
  • Get them in touch with Kids Arthritis. The website is full of information regarding with Juvenile Arthritis is and how to support and help a child living with it. Whether you enjoy watching videos, reading articles or listening to information, there’s something for everyone.
  • Create a Information Pack (could be the one you use at school) where family and friends can access at anytime that they’re with your child to understand what is JIA is.

Support and help is available for all family members and friends. If you do have any questions please get in contact with one of our Kids Arthritis Volunteers through the Contact Us page.