Arthur’s Big Blue Night
Australia’s Biggest and Bluest Night for Kids Arthritis, Arthur’s Big Blue Night. Brings not only children and their families who live with Juvenile Arthritis together but the wider community for a night with lots of fun and engagement. This event creates much-needed awareness and raises for our Australian First support groups.

Each year people from the community come together to be inspired by guest speakers who understand what it’s like living with Juvenile Arthritis. Place a bid in the silent auction and battle it out for the Arthur Quilt that is hand-made by a special someone who donates this to Kids Arthritis every year. There’s also live music and delicious home-made supper for everyone to enjoy.

We also encourage the members of the community to host their own Big Blue Night, to raise much-needed awareness and funds for children who live with Arthritis.

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Arthurs Big Blue Night Kids Arthritis


Tea Tree Gully Community Support

Kids Arthritis Australia has teamed up with City of Tea Tree Gully, Adelaide’s very own LEAP SA and RawCut to bring you the skills knowledge and confidence you need to create change in your life!

Children, their families and carers living with Juvenile Arthritis have priority to attend to meet others living with the condition.

Kids Arthritis Family Support Groups

Want to meet other children, families and carers living with Juvenile Arthritis?

Join us the first Wednesday of every school holiday from 11am!

This FREE Australian First Support Group is themed differently each time. Providing you with the most up to date knowledge and support from not only people living with Juvenile Arthritis, but Kids Arthritis Education Team and guests. Get creative with Magic Marj while sharing lunch and conversation with others living with Juvenile Arthritis.

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Arthur’s Teddy Bear Picnic Australia

Kids Arthritis is only 2 years old as we’ve visited Children, their families careers living with Juvenile Arthritis in Victoria and New South Wales.

In 2018 we plan to support many more children, their families and careers living with Juvenile Arthritis all over Australia through Arthur’s Teddy Bear Picnic!

To see when we will be bringing our Australian First Support Groups to your state, please Contact Us.