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  • Cassandra Hulin

    My 15 year old son has been diagnosed with Juvanile Arthritis last year, but was told it is something his had for quite a while, he was accepted into his high school with an AFL Scholarship, but for the past 2 years his been unable to play as his also been seeing an Orthopedics Surgeon with feet problems and 2 lots of surgery. His anxiety is now through the roof and his gaining so much weight because he eats his emotions.
    I’m a single mum and I was working full time until just recently as his appointments and well being have not been to great. So now I’m back on single parent pension trying to pay for all his Rheumatology appointments, surgeons appointments and Physio appointments as well as dealing with his self regulation and emotional break downs.
    I have been waiting for 14 weeks to see if I qualify for a Carers Allowance but still waiting, I’m finacially drowning and don’t know what other supports are out there until a friend suggested looking at you site.