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Kids Arthritis Australia’s First and Leading Organisation - Changing the way the World views Arthritis.

Sarah Freeman Founder Sarah Freeman formed Kids Arthritis after living with Juvenile Arthritis as a child and experiencing limited, to no support growing up. Sarah also recognises that Juvenile Arthritis (or JIA) affects more than just the child. Their families and carers also require support. This is why Kids Arthritis supports everyone involved in the child’s care through Australian First Support and Education groups and events.

Since founding Kids Arthritis at 19 years of age, Sarah’s story and advocacy work (with the support of other volunteers) has not only changed and saved lives across Australia, but has influenced how the medicine and treatment of Juvenile Arthritis is managed, not just in Australia, but across the globe.

Group of Volenteers and Children Juvenile Arthritis is a hidden yet common condition currently affecting 1 in 1,000 children in Australia. There’s no medical cure for the condition at the moment, but through Kids Arthritis, there is more awareness than ever.

JIA affects children from birth to 16 years of age. Joint pain, stiffness, blindness, daily - hourly medication use, bullying and feeling isolated are examples of what so many children around Australia deal with each day when living with Juvenile Arthritis.

At Kids Arthritis we know this from first hand experiences. Our volunteers have either lived with JIA, or are heavily influenced by someone who is. This means all of our Australian First Education programs and events are what these children and families in Australia need.