Our Story

Kids Arthritis is Australia’s First organisation solely dedicated to supporting Children living with Arthritis.

1 in 1000 Children live with Juvenile Arthritis in Australia and Kids Arthritis is dedicated to supporting them.

Sarah Hammond Kids Arthritis Founding Director & CEO Sarah Hammond began Kids Arthritis in 2015 after saw that the support and awareness for this hidden disability that she has battled all her 24 years of life was still there. Sarah lives a life full of needles, pain, stiffness and the fact that even if the Juvenile Arthritis is to ever leave her body the side effects of the hidden disease will still live on. The Juvenile Arthritis effects all her joints, internal organs and sight. Click here to learn more about Sarah.

It takes a lot to start something new and it was a process that took just under two years. In this time we have watched Sarah Hammond grow as she has been supported by the public which has made her feel more accepted in the community and speaks out about her life living with a hidden disease. Sarah volunteered and still volunteers many hours to begin this new and exciting Australian First organisation. Sarah has always found it hard to keep employment growing up due to the lack of awareness surrounding her hidden disease and she found volunteering a great way to build confidence and skills. Volunteering is a great way for older children living with Arthritis to grow employable skills and grow confidence so that one day they can be accepted and become employed themselves. She has no other job and has now through the support of people around her, has dedicated her life to suArthur the Arthritis Bear Kids Arthritis pporting other children living with Arthritis through Kids Arthritis.

Kids Arthritis’ support groups and events are Australian Firsts and you can’t find them anywhere else in Australia. We take pride in offering these services free of charge children and their families living with Arthritis. We receive no Government Funding and rely solely on donations and membership to keep our Australian First support groups and events available to these children living with Juvenile Arthritis. We are all volunteers are have a passion for supporting the children and families living with Arthritis to lead a more supportive life.

Kids Arthritis is changing the way the world views Arthritis and we would love you to join us on this exciting journey.